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Rob and Chris,

I manage the IANA media type registrations for OGC. For a media type to be registered under the standards tree, there needs to be an international standard to which the media type is associated, so such registration is a little early now. There is the option to register under the vendor tree (under Rob’s company), but you would need to decide if the registration is urgent enough to merit being under a tree different than standards.

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> On Apr 8, 2020, at 12:55 PM, Little, Chris <> wrote:
> Rob,
> [4] OGC is just starting to get its IANA media type  application act together. Clemens Portele and Simon Cox probably have the most experience, but staffer Gobe Hobona is starting and has established an OGC media type registry, probably with Rob Atkinson’s help, as part of the process of registering with IANA.
> What’s the issue with Stroke and Fill? The SVG WG have been modularising SVG, hiving some parts off into other W3C standards like CSS, and improving consistency between them. The appropriate SVG chapters are dense but understandable.
> HTH, Chris
> From: Rob Smith < <>> 
> Sent: 08 April 2020 18:26
> To: <>
> Subject: WebVMT Status Update
> 1. Progress Made
>     i. Participated in OGC Technical Committee meeting in Ottawa, Canada [1], 2-4 March 2020, including GeoPose, Moving Features, Sensor Things and GeoAI.
>     ii. Continued development of Android app in preparation for publishing on Google Play store.
> 2. Next Steps
>      i. Contribute to Full Motion Video To Moving Features [2] task for OGC Testbed-16 [3].
>      ii. Publish Android app on Google Play store.
>      iii. Continue community outreach and identify more activities to promote progress towards the standardisation track.
> 3. Help Requested
>     i. Guidance on how best to register a MIME file type [4] for WebVMT through IANA.
>     ii. Advice on how to handle `stroke` and `fill` properties using CSS, similar to SVG [5], or who to contact about this.
> [1] <>
> [2] <>
> [3] <>
> [4] <>
> [5] <>

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