Re: SDW-IG face to face meeting in Toulouse, 19 November

Jeremy and Linda,

Thanks for your email. I’m not planning to attend the Toulouse meetings in person, but am happy to present a WebVMT update remotely.

My long term aim is still WebVMT standardisation at W3C, and possibly OGC too, through the ongoing community engagement activities and OGC IP involvement.

1. I hope that SDWIG will continue to provide support towards standardisation in terms of guidance, visibility and contacts. For example, monthly updates published through the public mailing list help to keep web/geospatial communities informed of progress and to reach new contacts.

2. Standardisation is still the goal, and I think it's unlikely to be subsumed into another standard as it spans several disparate fields - location, web media, moving features, sensor data, etc. - and struggles to fit into one of them.

3. I’m actively working with Spatial Data on the Web and Media Timed Events Task Force in Media & Entertainment at W3C. Of those two, I’d say the former is more relevant for the reasons given above, and I suggest we add an agenda item to discuss further at the Toulouse meeting next month.

I hope this answers your questions for now. Speak soon.

Rob Smith

Away Team <>
> On 22 Oct 2019, at 16:57, Tandy, Jeremy <> wrote:
> Hi Rob, Linda and I are planning the next SDW-IG face to face meeting which will be held in Toulouse on 19th November, running in conjunction with the OGC Technical Committee meeting.
> We were wondering if you would like to present an update on the Web VMT work? Either in person or remotely?
> We also had some specific questions for you about the WebVMT work:
> 1)     What do you need from the SDW-IG group to progress?
> 2)     Are you still targeting delivery of a technical standard (either OGC or W3C) – or is WebVMT likely to be rolled up into some other standards work?
> 3)     Which groups are you most actively working with, and do you think that one of these would provide a “home” for the WebVMT work in future? (recall that the proposed SDW-IG charter says that we’ll find homes for things rather than try to do the work in the IG itself)
> Many thanks, Jeremy

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