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== Question about derived results ==
I have a modelling question that I hope you can help me with, I have a set of citizen science data where first a person takes samples at a particular datetime, and then these are analysed in the lab about a week later. Would the results of that analysis still be modelled as observations and results of a particular Sample (that relates in turn to a FeatureOfInterest), or should they be modelled in some other way?

I'd like them to still be modelled as observations of observable properties of the featureofinterest, but want to check that is the way in which the model was intended to be used.

Would the lab analysis be a Sensor?

Is there a preferred way to differentiate between original samples  (e.g. observed counts of an organism) taken by people on the day of a survey, and the results of further analysis? 
Perhaps this would simply be different ObservedProperties by different Sensors/Procedures (e.g. Sensor1 would be a person during citizen science collection survey looking at ObservedProperty1 (using Procedure1), and Sensor2 would be a lab analysis, using Procedure2 and looking at ObservedProperty2).

Hope this all makes sense and thanks in advance!

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