Re: [sdw] Spatial Data on the Web - Best Practice 2 - Value and approach for indexing individual Spatial Things (#1085)

Hello @cportele 

I am interested in:
>     * Identifiers should be HTTPS URIs

and encouraging a bit more information/discussion about it, if I may.  Is this ticket an appropriate place for this?

There is widespread use of HTTP identifiers.  Many existing vocabularies are published as HTTP URIs

A cursory search reveals some fairly recent debate on the issue, such as

I wonder whether this issue has a degree of nuance which is not well covered by:
> Identifiers should be HTTPS URIs

* how strong is 'should'?
* is this different for new vocabularies not yet published and vocabularies in use?
* is it advisable / strongly advisable to ensure that http://{thing} and https://{thing} resolve to the same thing? (This is critical for me, more important than 'use https now')
* what happens if the https URI returns a security violation (It happens: I guess many of us have experienced this,  as a resource requestor and as a service maintainer) 

If the target for this statement is a Best Practice guide, I wonder whether some nuanced commentary would be really valuable?

thank you

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