Re: Hyrax 1.16 (an OpenDAP server) now implements spatial data on the Web best practices

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for bringing this up. Since we wrote the CovJSON handler, we noticed
and fixed some bugs but further community usage and feedback is still
For anyone interested in seeing what a CovJSON response would look like,
check out the following[0:1:2399][0:1:2399],_500_m_16_days_EVI2[0:1:2399][0:1:2399],lon[0:1:2399][0:1:2399],lat[0:1:2399][0:1:2399],YDim[0:1:2399],XDim[0:1:2399]

Notice I've simply appended the .covjson file suffix to the initial data
file request before appending the variables.

With regards to crawler-friendly metadata, yes your absolutely right as
well. Big step forward.
Thanks again,

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 7:58 AM Tandy, Jeremy <>

> The Hyrax Data Server (version 1.16) [1] now supports provision of
> Web-crawlers friendly metadata (i.e. for Google Dataset Search). Which is
> interesting. I've not investigated this in detail to see what metadata it
> provides.
> Also interesting is support for the CoverageJSON format and the ability to
> serve data direct from S3 buckets allowing for subset-in-place (i.e. don't
> need to load files into memory, just read byte ranges off disk).
> Thought I'd share - not to suggest that you should all start using Hyrax
> to serve NetCDF / HDF data, but to illustrate that people are implementing
> things from the Best Practices.
> Jeremy
> [1]:


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