RE: Review of the OGC Architecture Board's API guidelines

Hi Clemens,

Great! I will also attend that call next week.


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Onderwerp: Re: Review of the OGC Architecture Board's API guidelines

Hi Linda, all,

Andreas Matheus and I yesterday went through the draft principles and reviewed them together. We updated the document to be include the work on WFS 3.0 etc. so far (plus some of the existing comments). The result is a pull request to the document:

The guidelines will next be discussed in the OGC Architecture Board (next week, I will attend the call) and in the OGC Architecture DWG (the last week of February during the next OGC TC meeting).

Best regards,

On 30. Jan 2019, at 14:00, Linda van den Brink <<>> wrote:

Hi all,

I read the OGC API guidelines draft. If you were planning to review it, I can tell you the document is a short and good read, so reviewing it should not take much of your time!

For each topic in the guidelines doc they have already created an issue for the purpose of collecting comments about that topic. I left a few comments there.

The document is at (don’t click the HTML and PDF links, they don’t work – just scroll to read the text directly from the


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