RE: Temporal interval relations now in IANA link relations registry

The process and discussion thread related to the IANA registration are recorded in their “registry interface” – i.e. this GitHub issue -

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Hello Chris, Simon,

It is an interesting thought. Allen's interval relations have much in common with the spatial relations in the DE-9IM<>. If it is useful to have Allen's interval relations in the IANA link registry, it could very well be useful to have that subset of spatial relations in the IANA registry too. I understand that in order to do that, there should be an IETF or W3C document explaining the nature of the link relation. It was possible for Allen's relations because OWL Time is published by the W3C. The DE-9IM relations are specified in a number of OGC and ISO documents (e.g GeoSPARQL), but I guess not in any IETF or W3C document. So if there would be a spatial ontology and if it were published as a W3C document, then the IANA link registry could be extended.

I guess that if is useful to have temporal relationships available as link relations, then for similar reasons it would be useful to have link relations for spatial relationships.

I do wonder: are there any examples of how the temporal link relations could be/are used in practice? That could give some insight into the desirability of having their spatial counterparts registered too.


Op wo 5 dec. 2018 om 12:58 schreef Little, Chris <<>>:

Maybe this could be a deliverable of your Spatial ontology – the spatial operators being in the IANA Link registry?

I am assuming that the ontology contains the various algebraic operators in the various dimensions. Could be a good (mathematical) starting point which might give some clarity to the almost certainly unavoidable discussions on features/things/geometries.

HTH, Chris

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Subject: Temporal interval relations now in IANA link relations registry

Allen’s interval relations that are used in OWL-Time [1] now also appear in the IANA link relations registry [2].




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