Re: [sdw] ssn:ext proposal comment: Note on 4.2.4 (#1153)

Isn't sosa:hasUltimateFeatureOfInterest the link to different ultimate FOI? The definition currently in sosa:hasSampledFeature seems like a copy of an earlier version of the definition of sosa:hasUltimateFeatureOfInterest,  perhaps it needs to be updated as well.  Isn't sosa:hasSampledFeature a property to link samples in a sample processing chain?  I was thinking of the situation where, for example a mineralized site is characterized by aggregating (e.g. average) assays from multiple samples at the site, so the analyzed sample proximate sampled feature is a set of samples. The ultimate FOI might be the site (if you're prospecting), or a known mineral deposit (if you're more advanced in an exploration program).

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Received on Tuesday, 10 December 2019 14:34:33 UTC