First stab at roadmap

Hi all,

As agreed during the Amersfoort meeting I took a first stab at the roadmap we want to create for the SDW-IG.

As a reminder, by 'roadmap' we mean a document (online of course) containing a summary of the various tech developed in W3C and OGC for improved sharing of geospatial data on the Web. So it's basically an overview of standards we think relevant to SDW (in any stage of development), grouped in a certain way and containing descriptions of everything listed. W3C has a roadmap framework to make it easy to maintain a roadmap and present it in a nice way.

This markdown doc contains a list of the steps involved in the creation of a roadmap, some examples, a scope statement, and my first attempt at listing and grouping the standards  we want to be on the roadmap. It's on the agenda for our f2f next week on Tuesday, so please read this in advance if you have time:


Received on Wednesday, 30 May 2018 08:31:26 UTC