RE: Figure in stretched by gh-pages or w3c stylesheet/jscript ?

Hi Simon,

Yes, that's an issue with ReSpec. ReSpec started to add the natural width and height of images (useful hints for the browser when it loads the spec) a few weeks ago, but the problem is that the width of the images is also constrained by the width of the browser window and image ratio is not preserved when the width needs to be reduced. I just reported the issue:

One way to solve this in the meantime is to set the `width` attribute of your image and only the `width` attribute.


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> Just noticed that another one I'm working on, which also uses the W3C
> stylesheets, has the same problem.
> Is it respec ??
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> Folks -
> As you know (!) I have been working on a document describing extensions to
> SSN for observation-collections and for ultimate-feature-of-interest.
> The draft can be viewed here:
> extensions/
> You will see that the figures are stretched horribly :-( I can't figure out what's
> causing this.
> It started happening just a few weeks ago - earlier versions rendered fine.
> The source is here:
> pages/proposals/ssn-extensions/index.html
> The relevant <img> elements have nothing to adjust the size, but
> height="2765" width="1781" are being injected somehow when it is
> rendered, I can't figure from where?
> My HTML/css/jscript skills peter out at this stage. Any insights folks?
> Simon

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