Re: [sdw] Move hasProperty from SSN to SOSA namespace

To add my two cents: 

If this is what we want to express:

> If I can /observe/ a property of a FOI, it /has/ said property.

then this is how the inference may look like using SPARQL:

  ?foi ssn:hasProperty ?prop .
  ?obs sosa:hasFeatureOfInterest ?foi .
  ?obs sosa:observedProperty ?prop .

In pseudo DL:

inverseOf( sosa:hasFeatureOfInterest ) o sosa:observedProperty ⊑ ssn:hasProperty

This can be expressed with a OWL subPropertyChainOf axiom:

  owl:propertyChainAxiom ( [ owl:inverseOf sosa:hasFeatureOfInterest ] sosa:observedProperty ) .

This axiom doesn't change the complexity of the SSN ontology.

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Received on Thursday, 29 March 2018 14:07:54 UTC