[sdw] new commits pushed by arminhaller

The following commits were just pushed by arminhaller to https://github.com/w3c/sdw:

* [SSN] Fix Apartment 124 example for real as noted in #996

The Apartment 124 example incorrectly referenced a `sosa:actuationMadeBy`
property, which used to exist but has now been replaced by

- The errata document already includes an entry for that:
- The "Changes since W3C Recommendation" section also mentions this as fixed in
the Editor's Draft, but actually this had not yet been fixed.

The commit also fixes the title of the "Changes since W3C Recommendation"
section, which contained weird text.
  by Fran├žois Daoust

* Merge pull request #1013 from tidoust/ssn-madeByActuator

[SSN] Fix Apartment 134 example for real as noted in #996
  by Armin Haller

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