RE: Next plenary call: 20:00 utc, 14-March-2018

It’s UTC

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What is the time zone of the meeting time?


On Mar 7, 2018, at 5:00 AM, Jeremy Tandy <<>> wrote:

Hi all - the next plenary call is scheduled for 20:00, Wednesday 14-March (a week from today).

Please see the agenda below...

Jeremy & Linda

1/ Quick introduction to the Strategy Funnel [1] that SDW IG is using to track Geospatial work items proposed for standardisation [Jeremy / François] (5-mins)

2/ Status review of Geospatial work items in the Strategy Funnel [2] (20-mins)
2.1/ Video geotagging format (WebWMT) [3] [Rob Smith]
2.2/ MapML [4] [Peter Rushforth]
2.3/ CityJSON [5] [Hugo Ledoux]
2.4/ New funnel candidates? e.g. Map Accessibility, Temporal ontology

3/ Status of work progressing in SDW IG (progress, requests for help/review, upcoming decisions etc.) (20-mins)
3.1/ Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices [Michael]
3.2/ Statistical data on the Web [Bill]
3.3/ SSN/SOSA ontology [Armin]
3.4/ SSN Primer [Armin]
3.5/ Describing moving objects [Jano]
(nil updates are OK!)

4/ Plans for ‘Geospatial Web roadmap’ [Linda] (5-mins)
(see example of ‘Web Applications on Mobile’ roadmap [6])

5/ Look ahead to OGC TC, Orleans (5-mins)

6/ Next Plenary call: date and time (note need to change meeting time to accomodate daylight savings changes) (5-mins)

7/ [Time allowing!] Quick scan of OGC Technology Trends [7]








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