Topics discussed during F2F in W3C Strategy funnel

Hello Spatial Data on the Web IG participants,

As discussed and agreed during our F2F in Amersfoort [1], I created a dedicated "geospatial" label in the W3C Strategy funnel and created issues for the topics the IG agreed to track.

The geospatial view of the strategy funnel is visible at:

For the time being, it contains the following issues:
- Video geotagging format (WebVMT) -
- CityJSON -
- MapML -

Feel free to add comments, progress reports, questions, concerns, etc. to these issues directly. As said, the IG will periodically go through these issues (and create more issues as needed) during plenary calls to assess progress and help move some of these topics towards standardization. You may want to subscribe to get notified about updates made to these issues.


[1] (note the Strategy team did not object to us using the strategy funnel, let's see over time whether that proves to be a good way for us to track and discuss topics of interest)

Received on Tuesday, 6 March 2018 11:29:02 UTC