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Hi all,

I've taken the various ideas and discussions from the last meeting and popped them onto the Github repo -

Feel free to add more detail and info


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Hi all,

The minutes of today's first Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices Maintenance group call are available online at:

... and copied as raw text below.

Initial discussions about the goals of the group and the approaches that could be taken. Michael will kick things off on the GitHub repository and share with the group once done.


Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices Maintenance call
29 November 2017

   [2]Agenda [3]IRC log




          Bill_Roberts, Chris_Little, Francois_Daoust,
          Linda_vanden_Brink, Michael_Gordon, Joseph_Abhayaratna




     * [4]Meeting Minutes
         1. [5]Introductions
         2. [6]Approach for maintenance work
         3. [7]Timing of future meetings

Meeting Minutes


   Chris: From UK Met. Involved in OGC and also working with Simon
   Cox on time ontology.
   … Also involved in the dormant SVG working group.
   … My interest currently is more on the Time Ontology, the
   statistics, building ontologies on top of RDF Data Cubes and
   data telling through that.
   … Not necessarily going to pay a close attention to BP

   Linda: One of the former editors of the Best Practices.
   Currently the Chair of the SDW Interest Group.
   … Not sure how much time I will be able to devote to this Best
   Practice maintenance but will do my best.
   … The section on gaps in current best practices is what I'm
   interested to focus on.

   [Side discussion on number of persons present. Conflict with
   OGC meeting probably explains the lack of participants this

   <Linda> It is actually the ISO meeting...

   <billroberts> hi all - sorry I'm late - just wrestling the

   Michael: Working in Ordnance Survey. Been working on data APIs
   for the 6-7 last years. Seeing the Spatial data on the Web best
   practices be adopted is pretty important to me.
   … Level of enthusiasm for these best practices, especially on
   the OGC side, that's very good.

   Chris: About API, I don't know if that's one of the gaps, but
   certainly, a lot of the work we're doing in OGC is data
   retrieval pattern.
   … We'd like to move on from the concept of Point.
   … A data retrieval query language would be very interesting.
   … Does that fit within what you envision?

   Michael: Good point discussing the approach for some of these
   maintenance activities.
   … Seeing how they apply in practice in different kinds of
   … Here are some caveats to this bp if you're looking at this
   kind of problem, etc.
   … What works, how things evolve.

   Chris: Any thoughts on that API idea, Linda?

   Linda: The gaps that are described in the current best
   practices are [going through the list]

   [8]Gaps in current best practices in the SDW BP Note


   Linda: One of them is what you're mentioning

   Chris: OK, I think there are enough gaps for us to look into.

   Michael: Providing opportunity for feedback from the community.
   You wrote this, what do you mean by that?
   … It's worth for us, we have another reference, another best
   practice that we feel should be in the document.

   Bill: Sorry I'm late. The thing I'm most interested in is
   seeing our best practices being applied in real life.
   … The bit about APIs is definitely of value to me, matches
   developments I'm involved in.
   … Among the gaps, an agreed geospatial RDF vocabulary would be
   very useful for the things I'm working in, as we keep switching
   from one vocabulary to another.
   … Encouraging the take up of these best practices more broadly
   is something I'd like to pursue.

Approach for maintenance work

   Michael: I'm relatively new to W3C, what's the usual approach
   for such maintenance?

   Michael: Encouraging the adoption of the Best Practices. How to
   encourage adoption. How to gather feedback. How to cover the
   existing gaps that Linda mentioned.
   … Would people think that these are good streams of activities?

   Linda: We cannot work on all of the gaps at once. We probably
   have to select the ones that are most important for us.

   Michael: That's a good point.
   … Describing dataset and services behavior may be a good
   starting point.

   Jo: CTO of PSMA Australia. Publication of geo addresses for
   Australia as linked data is what we're going through at the

   Bill: A significant difference from where we were a couple of
   years is that we're talking about updates to existing BP.
   That's more dissemination and outreach than a technical
   … I wonder if people have thoughts about that.
   … Linda and others wrote papers about the best practices.
   … How can we organize the group to have a coherent plan for

   Chris: How about calling some session where we can think about
   … Through WMO, I plan to evangelize this work.
   … We can propagate interest and raise awareness.
   … That's something I can persuade my boss it's part of my job,
   … What is the workplan, what do we do?
   … One of the first organizations to evangelize to is OGC. Still
   a silo. W3C is interesting because it's cross-domain.

   Linda: Reacting to Chris. We already are evangelizing at OGC.
   WFS taking note of them.
   … I'm fairly optimistic about that, the Best Practices were
   well received. We got mentioned in a lot of SWIG and WIGS.
   … Another audience are developers, data users who can use
   spatial data.
   … That's different audience.
   … We could create a hall of fame, with examples of what is
   already out there.
   … Maybe that will motivate people.

   <Zakim> tidoust, you wanted to mention "flipcards"

   [9]Mobile Web Best Practices flipcards


   Francois: Mentioning the history of flipcards done in 2007 to
   evangelize Best Practices to developers. Got very positive
   feedback, even years after. It might be a good idea to try to
   come up with a similar set of summarized version of the best

   Bill: All of these suggestions that people are making is good.
   My main point here is that we should make a plan.

   <ChrisLittle_> +1 to Hall of Fame

   <ChrisLittle_> +1 to 'crib sheets/cards

   Bill: Track what people are doing, and coordinate our efforts.
   Of course, we're "volunteers", no budget, so we'll have limited

   Michael: I agree. That's a good discussion to have a pool of
   ideas mentioned.
   … We are in the maintenance phase of these best practices.
   Different from new work on best practices.
   … I'll do an email out to the group following the publication
   of the minutes of these meetings to share some ideas and
   activities we could be doing.

   Michael: What is the best use of our time? Is it on encouraging
   adoption at the moment and soliciting feedback? Working on gaps
   that have been identified? Try to do a little bit of both?

   Jo: Data publishers and developers. We can start with the group
   we're connected into.
   … Categorize these groups

   [scribe notes he was disconnected from audio for a minute]

   Linda: You can use GitHub wiki pages, markdown document,
   whatever you like.

   <josephabhayaratna> +1

   <ChrisLittle_> +1 GitHub

   Michael: Would everybody else be happy to use GitHub?

   <billroberts> +1

   <tidoust> +1

   <Linda> +1

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   Chris: I believe we should do both in parallel. Once you have a
   comm plan, you can focus back on gaps. Denise does press
   releases at OGC for instance.
   … We can focus on technical work once we have a comm plan.

   Michael: Noting down things on GitHub seems a good start.

   Jo: Who wants to create the bit for us to start the work?

   Michael: I'm happy to do it if everyone's happy with that.

   Jo: One of the things to capture: categories of users and
   things we're involved in. Also, what events are happening when
   we think we need a presence? Data research alliance, for
   instance. A great way for us not to miss opportunities.

   Michael: I'm happy to sketch a structure there.

   Bill: Getting Denise McKensie on the case is a great idea. We
   also want to target other kinds of people, those that usually
   do not hear about OGC and W3C.
   … Seems important to extend beyond our usual circles.

   Linda: Who of us is going to persuade Denise to join us?

   Michael: Happy to catch up with her.

   Jo: I'm actually with her next week. We're running a forum on

   Chris: I'll keep proding her.

   Michael: By all means, Jo, go ahead.

   Chris: We can ask Denise about UN GGIM

   Jo: The academic network as well.

   Michael: I'll take these ideas from the minutes and pour them
   in GitHub.
   … And then we can do more structuring.

   Michael: Good discussion on the approaches for encouraging the
   adoption of SDW Best Practices.
   … One of the other topics is timing of future meetings

Timing of future meetings

   Michael: This may not be the best timing for everyone.
   … What are people's feelings about the best time and frequency
   of these group meetings?

   Linda: I think the best time is a little bit later, maybe 1-2
   hours later than this if you think of people joining all around
   the world. 8:00 UTC.

   <ChrisLittle_> +1 to monthly intermediate to plenaries at same
   time slot

   <josephabhayaratna> +1

   Linda: If you choose a different week than the plenary, it
   should work.

   Michael: Plenary one week, stats another, this one would be
   another one.

   Bill: Two hours in one night is probably more than what we can
   handle after a day of work. At the moment, we're planning for
   stats call once every 2 weeks, but we might adjust that later

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   <ChrisLittle_> +1 bill

   Bill: It's easy to keep track of a single day and time for all
   the calls of the group in any case. Swapping topics each week
   is good.

   Michael: Looking at calendar, here.
   … Wednesdays, 8pm UTC monthly meetings. Next call on 13th

   Bill: Two weeks offset from the plenary call seems good to me.

   <Linda> +1

   <ChrisLittle_> +1

   <ChrisLittle_> apologies will still be in NZ

   Michael: OK, that sounds good.

   <billroberts> sounds good to me

   Michael: Definitely going with the monthly meeting, probably on
   the 13th for next call.
   … I will take up the action of putting something in GitHub and
   I will pass that around into the wider group.
   … In the next call, we can have some detailed discussion on the
   activities that we've started to discuss here.
   … Thank you all!

   Jo: I think I'm going to miss half of the next meeting.

   Chris: Won't be around either.

   <ChrisLittle_> bye

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