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Re: [sdw] added rdf documents, and implemented fixes for errata 998 and 999

From: Maxime Lefrançois via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 08:58:34 +0000
To: public-sdwig@w3.org
Message-ID: <issue_comment.created-366910590-1519117113-sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Propose the following text to append to the errata document

6. Unsatisfiable classes in SSNX alignment module
Added: {$date}
Type: ???
Refers to: 6.2 SSNX Alignment Module
Description: Unsatisfiability of some classes due to axioms (1) and (2) being too strict:

sosa:hasResult ≡ oldssn:hasValue (1)
sosa:hasResult ≡ oldssn:observationResult (2)

Axiom (1) is causing the following problem: oldssn:hasValue is a sub-property of dul:hasRegion, whose range in DUL has dul:Abstract as a super-class. Yet, a sosa:Sampling procedure have only sosa:Sample as a result, and sosa:Sample is a sub-class of ( dul:Event or dul:Object or dul:Quality )

Axiom (2) is causing a few problem that are non trivial, but basically it boils down to either:

- disjunction between dul:SocialObject and dul:PhysicalObject .
- disjunctions between dul:Event and dul:Object .

Correction:  Axioms (1) and (2) are relaxed to (1') and (2') 

oldssn:hasValue ⊑ sosa:hasResult (1')
oldssn:observationResult ⊑ sosa:hasResult (2')

7. Unsatisfiable classes in SSNX alignment module
Added: {$date}
Type: ???
Refers to: 6.1 Dolce-Ultralite Alignment Module and 6.2 SSNX Alignment Module
Description: Unsatisfiability of some classes, ex. Survival classes: 

- class ssn-system:SurvivalProperty is a sub-class of ssn:Property, and has for inverseof( ssn-system:hasSurvivalProperty ) only (and at least one) ssn-system:SurvivalRange, that is a sub-class of ssn:Property
- inverseof( ssn-system:hasSurvivalProperty ) is a sub-property of ssn:isPropertyOf
ssn:Property has for ssn:isPropertyOf only sosa:FeatureOfInterest

So some instance of ssn-system:SurvivalRange would be both a ssn:Property and a sosa:FeatureOfInterest, which is forbidden.

Correction: A feature of interest can also be a quality, so axioms (1) and (2) are relaxed to (1') and (2') 👍 

sosa:FeatureOfInterest rdfs:subClassOf [ owl:unionOf ( dul:Event dul:Object dul:InformationEntity ) ] (1)
oldssn:FeatureOfInterest owl:equivalentClass sosa:FeatureOfInterest (2)

sosa:FeatureOfInterest rdfs:subClassOf dul:Entity (1')
oldssn:FeatureOfInterest rdfs:subClassOf sosa:FeatureOfInterest (2')

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