Re: [sdw] Worked examples using hasUltimateFeatureOfInterest

In the Water domain, I see samplingFeature FoIs requiring a contextual link as UFoI (nice that we've finally managed to integrate UFOs ;) ) to:

- River
- Aquifer

In Biodiversity, the speciesObservationPoint could also go to something larger, but still semantically chewing on what that would be. First bang is the population of a specific area, i.e. a protected site or survey area; not clear how this is related to the site itself yet...

In air quality things are a bit too ethereal, but meteo could be worth exploring as they have other features they may wish to relate to (prevailing currents, also some radiation cloud examples tickling the back of my brain)

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Received on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 09:39:54 UTC