[sdw] How does MapML advance the state of Web mapping

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== How does MapML advance the state of Web mapping ==
Please have a look at the [attached spreadsheet](https://github.com/w3c/strategy/files/1820342/MapML.Value.Proposition.xlsx), including comments. I have tried to give a sense of "what MapML aims to achieve / how is this different from where we are now", which were questions asked of me during our [face to face meeting](https://www.w3.org/2018/02/20-sdw-minutes.html#x14) and re-iterated at the last monthly meeting.

In particular, it was mentioned that:

> our concern is to understand how MapML is better than what we have today, so that we may sell it

so I have tried to enumerate how MapML, and of course Maps for HTML seeks to change the status quo, in some cases by highlighting how the objectives embody (some of) the best practices published by the Spatial Data on the Web working group, and the related Data on the Web working group, and other relevant documents.

Hopefully this and the above mentioned use cased / requirements document will give rise to some fruitful discussion, here or on the [Maps for HTML](https://github.com/Maps4HTML/MapML) repos.

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