Meeting minutes 31-3-2022

Hi all,

We just had a short plenary WG meeting. I failed to organize minute-taking in IRC, so here are my meeting notes via email instead:

Present: Linda van den Brink, Peter Parslow, Peter Rushforth, Joost van Ulden, Scott Simmons, Bill Roberts, Bert Bos.

Agenda: discuss SDW BP update

Linda: I am missing Clara who was supposed to give this update.

Rob Smith: - looking into 3D - how to convert to WGS 84 height above elipsoid from height above earth surface as recorded by moving vehicle e.g.?

Peter Parslow: In Clara's absence, I can give the update. We are working on Github, have around 40 issues, around 25% in progress. Now half a dozen pull requests waiting for review. Rest of issues are waiting for someone to pick up. One serious discussion is around best practice examples that have disappeared, and is the best practice then still valid?

Peter Rushforth: We have published the Canadian paper on FAIR and can now reference it / use it as input for the BP.

Peter Parslow: One of the things we wanted to do was talk about FAIR. This is already in progress. It's good to be able to reference the paper Peter is talking about.

Bill Roberts: Michael Gordon warned me that the Ordnance Survey will turn off its Linked Data service. I will if they can save some valuable bits, e.g. ask to publish ontologies in github or similar. The Ordnance Survey are focusing on APIs.

Peter Parslow: We are thinking about where to publish our ontologies.

Linda: are all the disappearing examples RDF data?

Peter Parslow: no, not all

Linda: we should be able to find examples of OGC API Features by now.

Peter P: there's an issue in github for that. We can collect examples there.

Linda: do the issues on the to do list need more refinement?

Peter P: some do

Linda: Could the BP subgroup pick one and prep a small introduction? Then we could refine / discuss that issue in the next plenary session. I'll email Timo and Clara about it.

Rob: Testbed-17 Moving Features - autonomous vehicle analysis video:

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