[webvmt] Status Update

1. Progress Made
    i. Continued CSS selector [1] update of W3C Editor's Draft [2].
    ii. Integrated geo-orientation chapter with OGC Testbed-18 Moving Features & Sensor Integration [3] Engineering Report D020. 

2. Next Steps
    i. Present overview of OGC Testbed-18 Moving Features & Sensor Integration [3] geo-orientation work to Moving Features SWG [4] on 15 December 2022.
    ii. Complete update of W3C Editor's Draft [2] and prepare for publication as a W3C Note.
    iii. Update 3D compass Android app for release.
    iv. Continue alignment discussions with OGC GeoPose SWG [5] and Moving Features SWG [4].
    v. Continue participation in WebXR Geo-alignment [6].
    vi. Continue community outreach and identify more activities to promote progress towards the standardisation track.

[1] https://github.com/webvmt/community-group/issues/7 <https://github.com/webvmt/community-group/issues/7>
[2] https://w3c.github.io/sdw/proposals/geotagging/webvmt <https://w3c.github.io/sdw/proposals/geotagging/webvmt>
[3] https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=100034#MF <https://portal.ogc.org/files/?artifact_id=100034#MF>
[4] https://www.ogc.org/projects/groups/movfeatswg <https://www.ogc.org/projects/groups/movfeatswg>
[5] https://www.ogc.org/projects/groups/geoposeswg <https://www.ogc.org/projects/groups/geoposeswg>
[6] https://github.com/immersive-web/geo-alignment <https://github.com/immersive-web/geo-alignment>

Received on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 16:46:20 UTC