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Re: various Issues wrt sosa-core

From: Krzysztof Janowicz <janowicz@ucsb.edu>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2016 09:06:37 -0800
To: Armin Haller <armin.haller@anu.edu.au>, Kerry Taylor <kerry.taylor@anu.edu.au>, SDW WG Public List <public-sdw-wg@w3.org>
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+1 on everything Armin said.

On 11/08/2016 02:26 AM, Armin Haller wrote:
> Hi Kerry,
> Thanks for raising these issues. This is exactly the kind of discussion we need in the meeting today (tomorrow)!
> I don’t think there was this understanding in the group last week, maybe the minutes reflect this wrongly, and that may be because of my poor minute taking (as I realised I couldn’t do the chairing and the minute taking at the same time, my poor multitasking skills). We discussed if SOSA should be part of the normative or non-normative part of the SSN rec track document. We all thought, including you as I remember, that SOSA should be part of the normative part. For that, we need to make sure we have sufficient implementation evidence and therefore it may be the case that SOSA, if we fail to deliver on the implementation evidence, falls back into a non-normative part. But no one seemed to want that and people were raising their hands to make sure we deliver on that. That SOSA should be aligned with SSN everyone seemed to agree on, and that is clearly what we have outlined in the first working draft http://w3c.github.io/sdw/ssn/#modularisation.
> I really want to get into the technical discussion on SOSA asap, as there is agreement between a subset of the group on the current SOSA proposal, and I want to hear and discuss issues other people have with the current proposal and how it aligns with the new SSN.
> Cheers,
> Armin
> On 8/11/16, 3:05 am, "Kerry Taylor" <kerry.taylor@anu.edu.au> wrote:
>      At last week's SSN meeting we were invited to use the Tracker to raise issues relating to SOSA-core.
>      I have spent what time I can afford to make a start on this--- and  have raised issue-84,  issue-86, issue-87, issue-88 and issue-89.   It is very much only a start though. I also raised issue-85, but it is not related to sosa-core.
>      Reading the minutes of the  meeting last week just now  at https://www.w3.org/2016/11/01-sdwssn-minutes--- I think I have picked up another issue which is not strictly one with SOSA -core itself.
>      I expect there are some people who think SOSA-core  *is* the  rec-track SSN deliverable of the SDW. And there are others who think that SOSA-core is an extract of SSN yet to be suitably aligned with SSN and  thereby  meeting (together with SSN) our goal of delivering a modularised SSN. And maybe others thinking other things too.
>      I wonder whether the list is a useful place to pick this apart? If I am right that there is confusion there, then there is little point in settling the technical details of SOSA-core within a such a widely-varying understanding of context and purpose for SOSA-core.
>      --Kerry

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