Re: Participation in SDW WG for OGC members

Thanks Phil. I have also made a copy of this email and added it to the 
OGC members portal in the Project Folder for the SDWWG for future reference.

Cheers, Denise

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On 12/05/2016 13:45, Phil Archer wrote:
> It's good to see new people joining the WG - a successful group always 
> attracts new people. In this e-mail I'll set out what W3C needs to OGC 
> members to do to be able to participate in this joint endeavour.
> Formally, there are two Working Groups, one in each of the standards 
> bodies. The work is carried out in W3C space as it is easier for us to 
> give access to non-members than it is for OGC, but everyone should be 
> aware that the WG outputs are *both* OGC and W3C products and subject 
> to both processes.
> In the main, this is friction-free, but both SDOs do make minimal 
> demands on everyone, especially members of the 'other' SDO. I reminded 
> chairs the other day, and I'll do so again here, that it is 
> *essential* that we know who is on every call. Individuals who are not 
> signed up to *both* IPR processes pose a (theoretical) risk in that 
> they might at some point in future make a contribution that trips us 
> up. The OGC and W3C processes avoid this.
> So... to participate in the WG, OGC members who are not also W3C 
> members need to join our Invited Experts system. To do this you need to:
> Have an account on (if you don't have one, get one at 
> Use that account to apply for IE status through the form at 
> I will be notified when you have done this and need to (manually) 
> approve your application.
> *Then* you can join the WG via 
> Any questions, please talk to me or Scott.
> Thanks
> Phil.

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