Re: [ssn] how to document ssn for FPWD

Hi Kerry and SSN editors,

To get some work done in the meantime, I would propose some actions for the SSN telco next week:

1. Generate the HTML documents from current version of  SSN ontology proposed by Armin by  using LODE (removed DOLCE)

2. Put HTML documents of SSN ontology into to Section 4  of [1].Section 4 will have three suction sections by group the concepts and properties  on three modules indicated in Figure 1 of [1] (i.e. Sensing Device core, O&M module and Sensor Network Modules)

3. Collect feedbacks to raise issues to prioritize which one will be resolved before  FPWD and other will be addressed in later phases

4. Assign actions to editors/contributors.

I'll be responsible for action 1 and 2 to have some materials ready before the SSN telco. Any suggestions and comments are more than welcome.


From: Kerry Taylor <<>>
Date: Monday 9 May 2016 15:08
To: Danh <<>>
Cc: "<>" <<>>
Subject: [ssn] how to document ssn for FPWD

Hi Danh,
As you know, we did not get up to talking about how SSN should be documented for the FPWD in the SSN meeting last week. To push things along a little, could you kindly share what you are proposing for feedback  to the list? I am aware of time pressure and I would not like to delay this valuable work by waiting for another SSN-specific meeting.

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