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Thanks Sefki – I will put it up for you.

However, you *should* be able to edit the wiki --- all it takes is formal participation in the Group, which I believe you have…
Can you please look into this?

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I have tried to include my comments about the SSN ontology on the wiki page, however, it seems like I don’t have permission to do that. Please find below the content that I wanted to include in the web page.

== SSN Observations and Feature of Interest==
The SSN Ontology provides a vocabulary for describing concepts such as sensors, outputs, observation value and feature of interests. However, sensor observations can be in different format and shape. Therefore, there is room for improvement in the representation of sensor observations taking into account the multimodal sensory data, such as audio, video as well. I have developed an ontology called SAO Ontology (, which enables people to annotate the observations as data streams (as a matrix), points, and segments based on TimeLine Ontology, PROV-O ontology, and SSN Ontology. This kind of conceptualisation can help the SSN Ontology to represent temporal features as well as different size and shape of data streams. I also think that feature of interest concept needs clarification as it often triggers a lot of discussions among the researchers.


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Dear all,

I have uploaded to the wiki an analysis of the current conceptual modules of the SSN ontology:

As a disclaimer, note that these conceptual modules do not intend to represent how the OWL implementation of the ontology should be split into files. However, I think that they can support the discussion on how to do so.

While performing the analysis I also identified some potential issues that I think are worth being discussed (you can even use the same page for that).

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