Re: Input for BP narrative

Hi Linda,

I will see what I can do.

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Am 04.05.2016 um 09:16 schrieb Linda van den Brink <<>>:

Hi Clemens,

Based on your work on the Geonovum testbed we BP editors think you could provide good input for the BP narrative. Could you see if you can provide an example for narrative item 2, based on your testbed topic 4 work:

By example we mean a set of code snippets that illustrate how information about admin areas, available as a WFS service,  could be published in a way discoverable via search engines. A few lines describing the LD proxy and how it can be applied here would also be great. Try to address the notes, but if you can’t address all of them that’s okay.

For reference this is ACTION-163.

Thanks in advance, Linda

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