Agenda for Best Practice sub-group, 14:00UTC 4-May-2016

Hi- the Best Practice sub-group meet again tomorrow. The agenda is posted
here [1]. For convenience, the agenda items are copied below.

See you all tomorrow! (else please advise any regrets).


* Summary of main points from Best Practice sub-group 'virtual meeting',
3-May-2016 Minutes [2]
** Overview of flooding scenario required for non-technical users
** Flooding scenario focuses on single event not longer term 'flood [risk]
** Terminology ("real-world Thing" not "Feature")
** Crowd-sourced spatial data (best practices are ''mostly'' for the
platform providers, not the crowd)- "Web is the data sharing platform"
** Spatial data web usage: "small" and "large" categories (offline
[spatial] analysis is out of scope- it's not 'on the web')
** Prioritise data publication examples; include data usage if we've time
left over
** BP Narrative 2 [3]: it's technical but fit for purpose ...
* Overview of BP Narrative 2 [3]
** (1) Publish flood inundation forecast data (the results of the urban
flood prediction model) as a coverage dataset
** (2) Publish information about administrative areas within the
** (3) Publish flood inundation forecast data as vector dataset and
identify the administrative areas (?) that each inundation area is
predicted to impact
** (4) Publish details of fixed assets (e.g. dikes & dams, buildings,
roads, critical infrastructure etc.) and topographical features (e.g. water
** (5) Publish census data which contains population statistics for each
administrative area [and cross reference with inundated areas to determine
numbers of impacted citizens]
** (6) Publish the evacuation plan [as HTML with embedded markup & for use
by downstream Web developers]
** (7) Publish real-time data-stream of water-level observations
** (8) Publish ‘volunteer geographic information’ using social media ...
''requires modification to reflect discussion from 'virtual meeting'''
(minutes [2])
** (9) Publish Synthetic Aperture Radar data as a coverage dataset
* Allocate examples to WG members to complete (thanks to Josh, Andrea,
Linda and Clemens for taking (7), (4) [metadata only], (3) and (2)
** (i) reference source implementations "in the wild"
** (ii) convert the implementation pattern to discuss the relevant aspect
of the flooding scenario;
** (iii) create a full worked example; publish to GitHub?
** (iv) grab code snippets for the Best Practice document
* Should SDW Best Practices ''extend'' DWBP in just those areas that need
extra guidance for spatial data?
** Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY): we're currently repeating much of DWBP!


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