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RE: [w3c/sdw] SSN / SOSA / Activity Hierarchy (#309)

From: Kerry Taylor <kerry.taylor@anu.edu.au>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 01:02:38 +0000
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I wonder whether these “circles” could be circumscribed by some clear statements about what a “core” is supposed to be? I, for one, admit to being confused about this (as I have said before).

Here’s a (partially inconsistent)  strawman :

The SSN core comprises (conjunctively):
                -1 A vocabulary that is expressed  in rdf/rdfs but is also in OWL-DL
                -2 A vocabulary that comprises only terms for IoT applications observing data from low energy, low memory devices
                - 3 A vocabulary that eschews rdfs:domain and rdfs:range and rdfs:subClassOf
                - 4 A vocabulary that is aligned with the other deliverables of the SDW
-5  A vocabulary that comprises only terms (properties and classes)  that are essential, i.e. every use case (of the SDW UCR) would need to use all of the terms
- 6 A vocabulary that is contained in one file and does not owl:import

And given that (as I understand the intention, quite possibly incorrectly at this time ) the “core”  is strongly tied to the “modularisation” goal, perhaps a top-down approach might  work better – ie start with ssn and pull it apart (and recall we already have a proposal on the table for that we can work from –see charter) .

I am afraid that I have been unable to contribute much to this progress to date (other masters) but I plan to go back to ssn and have a go at a top-down approach before the F2F (and making corrections as I have observed to the version of the FPWD, following, to the extent  it seems workable,  the vertical/horizontal modularisation style https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Proposals_for_rewriting_SSN#Proposal_5_made_by_KJanowicz . I am not certain what a “core” would look like following this approach, but I am certain it would not meet 2 above as it would be missing some things:  Actuation, for example.


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We are running in circles. I will open a new issue for this.

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