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BP restructuring: Data Quality and Versioning sections

From: Linda van den Brink <l.vandenbrink@geonovum.nl>
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2016 12:58:12 +0000
To: "SDW WG (public-sdw-wg@w3.org)" <public-sdw-wg@w3.org>
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Hi all,

At this point I welcome more detailed comments on the section in the BP on the Spatial Data Quality and Spatial Data Versioning sections.
- http://w3c.github.io/sdw/bp/#bp-dataquality
- http://w3c.github.io/sdw/bp/#bp-dataversioning

Spatial Data Quality already has some pretty good content, including examples, thanks to Andrea who helped me with this.

Spatial Data Versioning is more drafty. Here I could do with any comments, corrections or additions, including feedback on the two issues mentioned in the text. Examples are also still missing.


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