Towards resolving issues

Hello Alejandro, Ed, Kerry, Phil,

We are using the issue tracker to address issues in the UCR document. It
seems to work well in the sense that issues are clearly defined, and I
think this approach also encourages discussion on the list. I now wonder
the work flow should be continued in order to get issues to be resolved and

An issue has a status in the tracker. The status can be:

   - raised
   - open
   - pending review
   - closed
   - postponed

I am not sure what these statuses mean exactly.I could not find
documentation on the W3C tracker to explain this. Currently most issues
have status 'raised'.

I have now changed the status of issue 9
<> to 'pending review', as a
way of saying that a way to resolve the issue is proposed and that the
group should look at this proposal in order to accept it. Is this a
sensible step?

The change in status probably will go unnoticed for most group members.
Additional measures that could be taken are:

   - report the proposed resolution in the issue thread on the list
   (assuming each issue has a corresponding discussion thread on the e-mail
   - put the proposed resolution to a vote in the next meeting

What do you think?


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