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Observations whose result is a classification (e.g. determine the taxon of an organism-occurrence) are another kind of ‘nominal’ observation. I.e. any observation whose result is a word, usually a label or identifier for a concept.

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Sure, it does! I still don't quite understand the "nominal" part and would rephrase it as: "Be able to represent qualitative observations (e.g. of events or states)". Does it make sense?

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Responding to the comment in the use case ss,  ssn tab column M,  For ssn requirement:  “detecting qualitative (nominal) events”

Alejandro says: “Out of scope. We could consider event representation as spatio-temporal features to allow linking observations to events, e.g. using the stimulus property of SSN. But IMO, event detection should not be part of the SSN ontology”

This comment may derive from an (my?)  inadequate description of the intent that arose from many  use cases at the Barcelona meeting.
Perhaps it should be “Be able  to represent measurements of nominal (or qualitative)  events or states (e.g on/off, open/ajar/closed, excellent/good/ average/poor/horrendous)”

Does that bring it back into scope? I think so.

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