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In our telecon (BP) there was no discussion about having the f2f somewhere else. For me it seems Pennsylvania is better to travel to, but on the other hand that means I miss out on experiencing a W3C meeting.

However, before I can decide whether I’ll travel to either location, I’d like to know how long this f2f will be. A half day, one day, two days? If it’s two days it would make it much more worthwhile to travel all that distance (and easier to get travel funding).


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ISWC 2015 would work great for me.


On 03/25/2015 06:56 PM,<> wrote:
Telemeeting (a) this morning discussed the proposed location of next f2f in japan for the last week in october, with the w3c TPAC meeting. There were several people suggested holding it collocated with the iswc in the us, october 11-15 in pennsylvania, USA instead Several people suggested they could make it there at iswc, but not to a sapporo event.
I am not yet sure what happened in the parallel meeting on this question, but there is clearly a demand for iswc collocation.
comments? Perhaps a doodle poll is  called for?



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