Re: the need for a glossary


The glossary will optimize our time to align concepts and will enrich the
documentation of our working group.

I agree with this proposal.


Em quinta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2015, Frans Knibbe | Geodan <> escreveu:

>  Hello everyone,
> Following yesterdays teleconference, I think it would be a good idea to
> create a glossary page on the wiki, with concise definitions of the terms
> we use in communication. We operate in a confluence of two domains, so
> there is a risk of not fully understanding each other's jargon. Besides
> that, we want to be clear towards external interested people, who can have
> very different backgrounds.
> What we certainly want to avoid is thinking that we are talking about the
> same thing when in fact we are not!
>  Two examples come to mind:
>  When discussing spatial information, I once was involved in a long and
> headache inducing discussion about whether a geographical name is a feature
> (a 'feature' is a very basic concept in the OGC world). It was rather hard
> to find the place in the OGC standards where the feature concept is
> defined, but still that did not resolve the issue.
>  Another discussion I took part in was taking place in the Linked Data
> domain. It involved a basic concept of the semantic web, the 'resource'. It
> was apparent that the concept is hard to grasp for some people, and that it
> is somewhat open to interpretation. Especially with the distinction between
> an 'information resource' and a 'non information resource', and a
> definition that has changed somewhat over time.
> If we agree that having a glossary page is a good idea I would be happy to
> start one and put 'spatial feature' and 'spatial context' on it.
> A side effect would be that we will have URLs for definitions that can be
> used on other web pages.
> Regards,
> Frans
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