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Hi Kerry - re item 2: Jeremy Tandy has agreed to make a couple of briefings on my behalf, concerning

1.      A proposed extension to OWL-Time to deal with non-Gregorian calendars

2.      A lightweight ontology for O&M, with minimal dependencies, which might inform the design of the core module of a revised SSN ontology.

Each of these has been submitted as a paper to Semantic Web Journal. The initial version of the Time ontology had a 'minor revision' verdict and has been resubmitted with requested changes.




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Dear Participant of the Spatial Data on the Web Working Group,

The next meeting will be 18th February 2015 20:00 GMT

Joining instructions: (official participants and invited guests only)

 Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, or then

  conference code 73994#  ("SDWWG")

  IRC channel: #sdw on on port 6667

Main Agenda

1. New members to introduce themselves

2. F2F meeting: call for presentations on GeoSPARQL, NeoGeo and the ISA Core Location vocabulary, GeoJSON, GeoJSON-LD and TopoJSON (for initial background, not for discussion)

3. Plan for use case structuring (to be done at the F2F)

4. Scope Questions: pls see and add to

5. Plan for impending time zone changes (suggestions to mailing list)

6. Call for Editor for Use Case deliverable

See  for more detail.

Hope to hear you there,

Kerry (co-chair)

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