Registration for the F2F plus housekeeping

Dear SDWWG-ers,
Please remember to fill in the wiki about whether you are coming to the Barcelona F2F. Info, pointer to registration,  and the place to  say whether you are coming are here under "Face to Face Meetings".

Note that registration for the day of our meeting only (March 11) is free to SDWWG members.  OGC Members will  have a free-of-charge coupon code that they can use for the whole week. Non OGC members (ie members of only W3C) please contact Denise McKenzie (cc'd) and she will ensure your registration for the SDDWG meeting is free of charge.

In general, please do let us know when you cannot attend a meeting of the SDDWG. It would be most convenient if you could do this by self-editing the "Regrets" section near the top of the page for the relevant meeting. E.g. see here at the bullet points near the top.

And please contribute those use cases!


Received on Thursday, 5 February 2015 12:02:09 UTC