[Bug 27549] Support holes or undefined values in the sequences as return values?


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--- Comment #4 from Ted Mielczarek [:ted] <ted@mielczarek.org> ---
Olli filed this bug after discussing bug 27549. Right now implementations are
mixed on what to do with removed devices in the return value of getGamepads.
Firefox returns an array with nulls where they used to be, Chrome returns a
GamepadList which does not have the indicies of removed devices as properties
(hasOwnProperty returns false for removed indicies), and IE returns a thing
that claims to be an Array but also acts the same way (does not have properties
for removed indicies). bug 26181 comment 5 describes the behaviors there.

I'm okay with changing the spec as long as we can change it to say something
that makes sense in terms of web standards, and also isn't incredibly different
from current implementations.

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