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A personal anecdote: as I got started on my standards education, WebIDL seemed like a bad thing---so Java-esque, full of weird concepts and terms with poor mappings to JavaScript, and so on. Fortunately people were persistent enough in educating me as to its benefits, in terms of interopably specifying an object model and in automating a lot of the glue between browsers and specs. (I wish I'd seen Cameron's talk before now!) These days it's easy for me to complain about misleading syntax or various things that could be done better, but they're all just quibbles compared to WebIDL's great benefits. It's been great to see recent work in integrating ES6 features as well.

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Seems as good a time as any to thank everyone, especially Cameron -- also browser gurus such as bz at Mozilla and Travis at MS -- for the mostly-thankless work in specifying and implementing WebIDL. We're so much better off for it!


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>> >  Cameron has a great talk + slides on the subject:
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>> > Web_APIs_and_Implementing_Javascript_Bindings.ogv
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> Thank you very much.

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