[Bug 27354] Internal slots


--- Comment #9 from Olli Pettay <bugs@pettay.fi> ---
(In reply to Ian 'Hixie' Hickson from comment #8)
> - The [[slots]] stuff in ES6, IMHO, makes the ES6 spec very very hard to
> read. We really should not encourage that style in more specs.
I agree with this.

I can see some use of some kind of implicit "interface's member variables"
(I wouldn't call them slots) based on the attribute names. But in general specs
tend to be quite easy to read even without them. 

> - Anne said something about Object.observe(), but didn't elaborate. I'm
> guessing the idea is to be able to watch attributes. However, we want to be
> REALLY CAREFUL about which attributes we expose to Object.observe(), because
> every property we expose forces the implementation to not have lazy
> evaluation for that attribute. IMHO we should not make this trivial to spec.
> If there's a property we really want to expose, we should make that clear
> somehow, e.g. with an [Observable] annotation, and we should define in prose
> when the value changes.
That is bug 27381

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