[Bug 27354] Internal slots


--- Comment #3 from Travis Leithead [MSFT] <travil@microsoft.com> ---
(In reply to Boris Zbarsky from comment #2)
> I think the idea is to annotate the places where a spec is defined in terms
> of internal slots.   The spec for innerHTML wouldn't be.
> In general, nothing requires an implementation to have any internal slots,
> of course; just to act as if it does if that's how a spec is defined.

Would this allow Anne to replace text like this (from DOM4):

  The stopPropagation() method must set the stop propagation flag. 

With a reference to the Event's [[stopPropagation]] slot value?

In the same spec, he uses other prose to initialize various accessors:

  To initialize an event, with type, bubbles, and cancelable, run these steps: 
  1.Set the initialized flag. 
  2.If the dispatch flag is set, terminate these steps. 
  3.Unset the stop propagation flag, stop immediate propagation flag, and
canceled flag. 
  4.Set the isTrusted attribute to false. 
  5.Set the target attribute to null. 
  6.Set the type attribute to type. 
  7.Set the bubbles attribute to bubbles. 
  8.Set the cancelable attribute to cancelable. 

This effectively is already treating the accessor properties as if they were
data properties...?

Is the distinction really that necessary?

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