Advice on EventStreams vs. Observables Proposal

Currently, the evolving FileSystem API[1] makes use of a placeholder host object called an EventStream[2], first proposed in a post by Tab Atkins. It lacks a formal specification, though.

The question is, where should such a concept be specified? Iíve tried to see what became of TC39ís Observables idea (which shares some naming simiilarity with Object.observe(), unfortunately, but might be the logical next step for ideas like EventStream), but I couldnít find anything, which leads me to believe it hasnít quite made the cutting board (and Iím imagining TC39 is pretty busy these days).

There may be advantages to this being a host object, particularly since use cases like the enumerate function in the FileSystem API are already early adopters, even if thatís wishful thinking. Iím willing to write the specification for it, with semantics similar to Tabís original proposal [2] (which are unlikely to stay exactly the same). But if TC39 is working on something, Iíd love a pointer to it, and thatís why I thought Iíd check in with those that subscribe to this listserv.

Feedback strongly encouraged! And Iím sorry if Iíve missed a TC39 proposal after all; if such a thing exists, a pointer would be invaluable :)

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Received on Thursday, 13 November 2014 00:09:56 UTC