[Bug 26183] make it easier to define an iterator on an interface that iterates over a set of values


--- Comment #31 from Tab Atkins Jr. <jackalmage@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Anne from comment #30)
> Putting Map/Set on the prototype is not what TC39 wants. We should not do
> it. We should just port new methods as they come in and at some point traits
> will hopefully make things better.

Has TC39 explicitly said that, or just Domenic?

Once again, my concern is not new Map methods (those won't work anyway, since
they interact with [[MapData]] directly; IDL is always going to need to port
them over with our custom delegating definition).  It's about author-defined
methods on Map, which operate via the built-in methods, and it would be
unfortunate if those didn't work on map-likes.

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