[Bug 23682] Fix the current [ArrayClass], [] and sequence<T> mess


--- Comment #24 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> ---
So in scenario D as described in comment 12...

What is the behavior of the UI in options 1 and 2 if the page has frozen the
array or defined various accessor properties on it?  Presumably needs to be
very carefully specced exactly what array operations are performed, and what
happens if sets throw (do you stop updating, or try to fill in the rest of the

Similarly, the exact get behavior of form submission and FormData creation will
need to be specced.

Solution 3 doesn't have these complications, obviously.

With my spec-reviewer and implementor hats on, I think we're much more likely
to get comprehensible specs and conformant implementations of solution 3.  ;)

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