[Bug 22646] So if we want to say on a per-object basis whether it ought to be exposed to workers (which I think is useful) lets introduce "exposed to document environments", "exposed to worker environments", and [...]


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(In reply to contributor from comment #20)
> Checked in as WHATWG revision r8430.
> Check-in comment: Try doing this a different way (MessageEvent.source
> exposure)
> http://html5.org/tools/web-apps-tracker?from=8429&to=8430

This has the same problems; the checking of duplicate attribute (and operation)
identifiers is done on the whole set of members, not looking at [Exposed].

How about I just add a conformance requirement that says for an object
associated with a global with a particular global name, only objects with
interfaces that are exposed in that global may be returned?

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