Re: Spec for [Global] does not seem to be quite web-compatible, and none of the UAs are really compatible with each other

On 1/9/14 3:57 PM, Erik Arvidsson wrote:
> Our (Blink) approach is that we will keep the prefixed version for as
> long as there is usage of it.

Even if it's usage of the |window.webkitFoo ||| form?

> I'd rather have WebIDL attributes and operations on the Window interface
> consistent to the rest of the interfaces than to remove these prefixed
> versions.

That's great for Blink, but that just means the spec specifies something 
not web-compatible so a new UA being implemented based on the spec will 
run into web compat issues.

If we think that requiring the prefixed things to be web-compatible is 
OK, we should just spec them as being required to implement for all UAs 
and move on.

Of course that doesn't help people doing polyfills via similar 
techniques, but maybe they're rare.


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