RE: Web Alarm API - idiomatic check

The futures usage looks reasonable, but there still seems to be a lot of event-handler cruft left over? Especially in the opening example?

One thing that confused me is the repeated "If an error occurs" verbiage. How could an error occur? The phrase "error" only occurred in the document inside those phrases, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

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Subject: Web Alarm API - idiomatic check

The SysApps WG would appreciate if the JS folks could take a look at:
(it's nice and small, promise)

And provide us some feedback on the idiomatic aspects (i.e., to make sure it isn't "another crap W3C API").

A disclaimer: The API's name is terrible, we know that (should be called Web Cron or Web Scheduled Tasks or something less awful). We've tried to use Futures, but we are new to them.

Anyway, any/all, comments welcome.  If you want to file bugs directly (or see what bugs we have open): (

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