RE: Promises: Auto-assimilating thenables returned by .then() callbacks: yay/nay?

From: Tab Atkins Jr. []

> While I clear that up (since the naming and the behavior are not inconsistent, which is extremely confusing),

This isn't really true. The `acceptCallback` is the callback called when the promise is fulfilled ("accepted" in the DOMFuture promise library). It uses `resolve` semantics to process its return values, but it would need to do that anyway, in order to get different behavior for promises and for values. You need to distinguish between the condition on which the callback is called, and the behavior of the callback with respect to its return values.

> can you comment on the rest of my message?

There's not much to say. I think assimilating thenables is good, for reasons that have been discussed at length before. You disagree. I have a hard time seeing what else you'd find helpful from me.

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