Re: Future cancellation

* Jonas Sicking wrote:
>Then there's of course the issue of what we should do with APIs that
>combine several Futures into a single one. Like Future.every() etc.
>Similarly, there's also the issue of what to do with chaining.
>I'm tempted to say that if you create combined or dependent Futures,
>you still only have the ability to cancel them through the original

And the "progress" of multiple "Futures" can only be observed through
the individual "ProgressFuture" objects? I would expect the opposite.
Similarily, I would expect to be able to mix "ProgressFuture" objects
with other "Future" objects, and still be able to observe "progress"
of the combination. And if I can do that, I would also expect that I
can turn a single "Future" into a "ProgressFuture" in this sense, but
then the whole "subclassing" idea kinda breaks down, why bother with
that. And "cancelation" does not seem quite so different from "pro-
gress" in this sense.
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