Allowing IDL attributes to have different types for the getter and setter

This has come up a few times now.

Right now in WebIDL an attribute has a single type associated with it: 
the setter coerces the given value to that type if it can, and the 
getter returns that type.

It's not a priori obvious that this is a great fit for all APIs, 
especially because of the restrictions in WebIDL on attribute types not 
being sequences or dictionaries ... which are there just because 
_returning_ those from an attribute would not be good.

So a question in terms of API design: from the point of view of JS API 
consumers, does it make sense to have an attribute whose setter, say, 
takes an array of File or Blob objects, or a single File or Blob object, 
but whose getter always returns some object (always the same one) that 
represents the current set of File/Blob objects we've got?  That sort of 
thing is not possible to declare in WebIDL right now.  Should it be?

There's relevant discussion in and for those who are 


Received on Thursday, 18 April 2013 01:39:19 UTC