Re: Coordination

Le 14/04/2013 13:41, Arthur Barstow a écrit :
> On 4/13/13 3:50 PM, ext Brendan Eich wrote:
>> We could go API by API in a more focused forum or meeting-like 
>> setting, with public-script-coord hosting the notices for upcoming 
>> reviews, progress updates, and review conclusions. Thoughts?
> I like this idea.

> Ideally, TC39 would review all W3C APIs as they progress
Ideally, the people who will use these APIs (web developers come to mind 
:-) ) would review all W3C APIs as they progress. If we all want the web 
to be lighter (read: less libraries to load), we need to have JavaScript 
library authors involved.

ECMA TC39 is a pay-to-play group and there is no reason whatsoever for 
anyone who wants to review web platform APIs to have to be part of TC39


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