Re: Coordination

I'm really happy to see this thread.  The past attempts to establish better communications and coordination between the W3C and Ecma/TC39 have had only limited success.  I think one cause has been a lack of understanding of goals, plans, progress, and processes among the general population of participants in the two groups.

I have a couple specific suggestions on how to improve this:

1)  At every TPAC there should be an invited presentation by a representative of TC39 updating the W3C community on TC39/ECMAScript news, recent work, and future plans.

2)  The W3C should proactively invite and encourage TC39 participants to attend and participate at TPACs as if they were active W3C participants. 

3)  At some regular interval (annually, bi-annually) there should be a formal joint meeting between the TAG and core TC39 members.  This is arguably less important now that we have good cross-membership in the two groups but I think it is still be important to try to establish an official communcations path and shared vision at that level.

I  realize that this mailing list probably isn't the best one for submitting these suggestions, but this is where we having the conversation and I think the push for coordination improvements needs to start at the grass roots level.


Allen Wirfs-Brock
Project Editor,  Language Specification

Received on Friday, 12 April 2013 16:57:43 UTC