Re: ES6 Modules

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 2:53 PM, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt <> wrote:
> First, I find this email very frustrating. Dave and I have been
> working on the current modules proposal since early 2010, and TC39 has
> been working on modules for ES6 longer than that. Modules were even in
> ES4 (RIP). We have done all this work in public, and there has been
> plenty of opportunity to comment. To the degree that there has not
> been much input (which I just don't think is true) this is ultimately
> the responsibility of people to provide input. This is a very late
> moment to be bringing up fundamental concerns.

All I'm saying is that you cannot expect everyone at the W3C/WHATWG
side to be paying attention to this. I know you want to, but I have
not seen it happening. It seems to me there's not much of a problem
with modules (apart from maybe some fetching specifics which I emailed
separately about), but a little bit more coordination on
would be good I think. Especially when it will effect long term how
certain things are to be done. All I want here is more shared

Despite your frustration, I'm thankful for the replies.


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